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This was a fun little TODO/productivity app to try out two technologies I was very curious about: Elm and PostgREST. It consists of a PostgreSQL-based RESTful API and a simple web interface.

Elm is a (purely) functional languge for the frontend that resembles Haskell (although they are quite different at a more advanced level I hear), so it compiles down to Javascript, HTML and CSS. It was my first contact with frontend functional programming and gave me a big Aha moment with regards to the advantages of static typing as compared to Javascript. It has also sparked my curiousity to try Purescript but as of writing I haven’t yet.

PostgREST is a fantastic idea and piece of software (built with Haskell) that turns a PostgreSQL database into a RESTful API. I found this idea so revolutionary and mindblowing and has since let me to other similar ideas (e.g. Postgraphile for GraphQL).