Vim TagQuery

Links: GitHub (ctags-query) GitHub (vim-tagquery)
Tag: Rust Vim VimWiki CLI

I use VimWiki a lot in my daily life as my personal knowledge base/wiki and journal. I tag my notes extensively but found the built-in tag search in Vim and VimWiki seriously lacking.

It only supports simple searches like:

find all entries that have the tag xyz

But what I wanted, was something like:

find all entries with the tag work AND python AND parsing

So I decided to first build a CLI program in Rust, ctags-query, that could parse and store [ctags files][ctags-file-format] in a way that would allow querying. It was now possible to build a simple query interpreter to do exactly what I wanted:

$ ctags-query 'work & python & parsing'

$ ctags-query 'work & python & parsing'

Integrating it into Vim as a plugin just required building a basic Vimscript layer on top of the Rust CLI tool, which is the code that lives in the vim-tagquery repository. I gave it a basic FZF-based search interface.