dict.cc CLI Client

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I started this project while learning German so I was using dict.cc frequently. Being able to run lookups from the terminal instead of having to navigate to the webpage each time was a big boon. I also wanted to improve my knowledge of Haskell so this was a good starting project.

Here’s an example

$ dict-cc dictionary

Englisch                                                      Deutsch
===========                                                ==========
ling. publ. dictionary                        Wörterbuch {n} [1324 ✓]
dictionary                                         Lexikon {n} [70 ✓]
dictionary                        Diktionär {n} {m} [veraltet] [66 ✓]

If I were to start again, I would base it on the DICT dictionary network protocol and then add other backends from there as necessary (e.g. dict.cc, Linguee, Leo). Maybe at some point I will refactor it.