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I used Todoist for a long time and it is a really great productivity app. But after trying Taskwarrior, I knew I wanted to switch. I enjoy using and building CLI tools, so I decided to build a tool to migrate all my tasks from Todoist into Taskwarrior.

The CLI is built using Click, and from there it basically just loops over all the Todoist tasks retrieved using the todoist-python library. There is a bit of Click-based logic to allow the user to perform several actions against the tasks before migrating them. Finally, it adds task to the local Taskwarrior database using the taskw library.

Here is an example:

$ python -m todoist_taskwarrior.cli migrate --interactive
Interactively add tasks

y - add task
n - skip task
d - change description
P - change project
p - change priority
t - change tags
r - change recur
q - quit immediately
? - print help

Task 1 of 315: Work on an open source project

tid: 142424242
name: Work on an open source project
project: Open Source
entry: 2019-01-18T12:00:00+00:00
due: 2019-01-21T17:00:00+00:00
recur: 3 days

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